Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Daily Update - Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Dear Fr. Doyle Community,

Virtual learning is up and running! In speaking with the teachers this morning, it appears that while there are certainly a few kinks in the system to be worked out in the coming days, we're off to a solid start. I thank you for your continued patience and support. Please reach out to your classroom teacher if you are having technical difficulties, and they can guide you in the right direction.

In a brief moment of pause this morning, I was saddened to think that we would not all be meeting in the gym for prayer service to start the day. Community is such an important part of education. This is particularly true in Catholic schools, where the faith community is the very lifeblood of the school. The reality is, we do not know how long we may be unable to meet together again - face to face. So what are we to do?

1. Pray

Though we cannot currently pray together physically, there is an undeniable unity in prayer that is unlike any other. I know that I am strengthened and encouraged to know that many are praying for Fr. Doyle School, our staff, our students, our families, and all those affected by the outbreak of this virus. Know of my continued prayers for you and your family, and may we continue to be united in prayer until we are once again able to start our mornings in the gym together.

2. Utilize Technology

While technology can be used to ill effect, it can also have tremendous benefits in an unprecedented situation such as this. Earlier today, I was able to hold a video conference call with all of our classroom teachers to check-in on the first day of virtual learning. Seeing their faces, hearing their feedback, and having a moment to once again be together was truly a blessing! As we continue to pursue all avenues of virtual learning, I know many teachers are planning ways in which they can further interact with their students digitally. I look forward to these continued advances!

3. Embrace the Words of Saint Pio

I recently stumbled upon the following passage written by St. Padre Pio:

"Stay in the boat in which the Lord has placed you, and let the storm come... you will not perish... No, do not fear. You are walking on the sea in the midst of the wind and the waves, but remember that you are with Jesus."

We currently find ourselves in the midst of a storm, but let us trust in our faith, in the gifts and strengths of this community, and - as Padre Pio implores us - "pray, hope, and don't worry."

God bless you on this St. Patrick's Day!

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