Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Daily Update - Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Fr. Doyle Community,

Another day of virtual learning comes to a close. I hope you were able to get up and move throughout your virtual learning day today! This was officially our seventh day of virtual learning. For some of us, it may feel like it's been months, and for others it may feel like it's been a wonderful experience. Here are a few things I've seen noticed the past seven days:

Each Day is Different

For a myriad of reasons, virtual learning seems to create more "ups and downs" from day to day. Some days things run smoothly, there are minimal technical issues, and it feels like we've really found success. Other days... not so much! But what I can say for sure is - no matter what each day brings - our faculty and staff will be there doing everything they can to ensure the continued success of our students. Speaking of our faculty and staff...

Our Faculty & Staff are Incredible

Not one day out of seven has gone by without a teacher doing something that completely amazes me. Whether it's a creative assignment they have posted, the way in which they reach out and communicate with families, or simply how they care deeply for each and every one of their students - I could not be more proud to work alongside such exemplary educators.

Some Students are Surprising Even Themselves

While it may have taken a couple days to get into the swing of things, I've noticed many students from across the grade levels really taking initiative, diving into their assignments, and excelling in their work - sometimes to their own surprise! A job well done to each and every one of you - keep up the good work!

Ultimately, regardless of today's ups and down, tomorrow is a new day of learning - so rest up, recharge, and get ready to tackle another day!

Finally - a note that tomorrow we will be livestreaming a Mass for all school community members at 2:00pm with Fr. Woolley. Join us on our Facebook page for the Livestream!

Until tomorrow,

-Mr. Peloquin

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