Monday, March 16, 2020

Daily Update - Monday, March 16, 2020

Dear Fr. Doyle Community,

I pray that this post finds you safe and healthy. While the current situation is fraught with uncertainty, tension, and unforeseen challenges, my communications with teachers this morning left me feeling encouraged about our ability to transfer to online/home learning this week and - potentially - in the weeks ahead.

My hope is that online learning will not only provide students with an opportunity to continue academic progress, but also with a source of stability, consistency, and certainty in a time when our days seem to lack many of these things.

I would encourage you to support a daily learning routine with your child(ren) that includes a set time for logging in and viewing assignments, a designated work space, and planned activity breaks as needed. Again, creating consistency and stability tends to increase learning and academic progress.

Finally, I am incredibly grateful for the continued support and pastoral care of Fr. Woolley. To this end, Fr. Woolley will also be creating regular videos containing prayer and reflections for families, which will be included here at the Daily Saint. We hope this will be a source of comfort for you in this time.

Wishing you continued good health.

Until tomorrow,
Mr. Peloquin

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